„Poprawa efektywności energetycznej budynków Urzędu Gminy,
Szkoły Podstawowej i Gimnazjum w Wierzchowie oraz Zespołu Szkół w Świerczynie”
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The second conference
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Conference report on progress in the implementation of the project entitled .: ,, Improving the energy efficiency of buildings Municipal Office, Primary School and Junior High School in Wierzchowie and Secondary School Świerczynie ′′ implemented under the Operational Programme PL04 ​​,, saving energy and promoting renewable energy sources ′′ Project co-financed under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area, 2009-2014.
The conference was held on 9.10.20015 r. In the Municipal Office Wierzchowo from 11.00. Participation in the conference was attended by 18 people. The first point of the meeting was to explore retrofitted municipal buildings. It was visited Municipal Office in Wierzchowie together with a boiler room and a primary school and secondary school in Wierzchowie.
After visiting the facilities of the conference, participants returned to the commune office, where he was waiting for them refreshments and coffee buffet. Conference participants have entered the list of meetings and conference opened Wierzchowo Mayor Jan Szewczyk. Then was the presentation, which took audience with the progress of the project, presents the most important events from the beginning of the project and presented on what level of realization of the indicators. During the presentation it was raining a lot of questions from conference participants, which are kept analyze and provide answers, there were sometimes discussion among the participants. After the presentation, there was a discussion on how to implement the project and already achieved results. After the end of the discussion the participants went to the "Bois de Arkoński" for further presentation and meal.